Equity, access to and democratization of higher education

Report of current policies in practices in Israel


  • Alona Forkosh Baruch Levinsky College of Education https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4282-6866
  • Tsipi Heart Ono Academic College
  • Judy Arad Ono Academic College
  • Sharon Hardof Levinsky College of Education
  • Shevi Govrin
  • Itzik Gnizi
  • Gal Manor




higher education, equity, policies, distance learning, online courses, Israel


The Israeli society is diverse, both ethnically and economically. Its population is composed of 22% non-Jewish minorities including Muslims, Bedouins, Christians and Druze, most living in low socio-economic  locations. Among the Jewish majority, there are ultra-orthodox (8%) and Ethiopian-origin (1.5%) groups, as  well as populations living in geographic and low socio-economic periphery. Such a diverse society brings challenges in terms of equity, access and democratization of  higher education. The present report, performed for the Love.Dist@nce project aims to review and summarize the main practices and policies in Israel on this topic.




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Forkosh Baruch, A., Heart, T., Arad, J., Hardof, S., Govrin, S., Gnizi, I., & Manor, G. (2022). Equity, access to and democratization of higher education: Report of current policies in practices in Israel. Revista Multimédia De Investigação Em Inovação Pedagógica E Práticas De E-Learning, 5(1), 52–62. https://doi.org/10.34630/pel.v5i1.4470