Between "Hello" and "你好": representations of the English and Mandarin languages in the 1st Cycle


  • Marta Pinho Agrupamento de Escolas Fernando Pessoa
  • Mário Cruz Politécnico do Porto - Escola Superior de Educação, inED, CIDTFF



representações, língua inglesa, mandarim, didática de línguas


Based on the concept of "representation" in the process of teaching and learning languages, this study aims to understand the impact of the introduction of English and Mandarin teaching in the 3rd year of basic education in the 1st cycle of Basic Education of the municipality of São João da Madeira. Since representations in relation to the languages ​​and the people that speak them can condition the learning (Andrade, Araújo and Sá, & Moreira, 2007; Araújo and Sá & Pinto, 2006; Castellotti & Moore, 2002). this study, to diagnose the representations of two classes of the 3rd year of primary education and those in charge of education in relation to English and Mandarin, and to the people who speak these languages ​​as their mother tongue.
A questionnaire survey was used as a data collection instrument and a content analysis of the responses was carried out through the use and adaptation of categories of analysis for treatment of representations, already validated and used in other studies.
The results show that both pupils and caregivers show distinct representations not only of English and Mandarin, but also of the people who speak them.

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Pinho, M., & Cruz, M. (2018). Between "Hello" and "你好": representations of the English and Mandarin languages in the 1st Cycle. Sensos-E, 5(1), 119–148.