Teaching, art and participation in a cultural territory: Aldeia de Carapicuíba - So many looks


  • Sylvia Adriana Dobry LabParc-FAU USP, São Paulo
  • Nídia Nacib Pontuschka
  • Denise Falcão Pessoa
  • Caio Boucinhas




Architecture and Urbanism, Participation, University extension, Perception



In 1997 an experiment was carried out by a group of graduate architecture students of FAU-USP, and a group from Esmeralda Becker School teachers in historic patrimony Carapicuíba Village. The objectives were: conduct an Interdisciplinary Environmental Study, which included art as the main axis, which encompassed knowledge of the place and what it might reveal: its residents, their actions in everyday life, their dreams, preserve and restore history, culture and natural resources of the place; develop a design process participatory urban-landscaped. The intertwining of the different creative processes and their effects on individual artistic production contributes to a reflection on the appropriation, recuperation of the cultural identity of the territory. The experience expanded to horizons of hope in the historic and environmental preservation, and creation of these places, ratified by the implementation of the park project – today with the Ecological Park name of Carapicuíba Village – although the original design was only partially implemented, its execution was only possible because of the participation of the community.



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Dobry, S. A., Pontuschka, N. N., Falcão Pessoa, D., & Boucinhas, C. (2020). Teaching, art and participation in a cultural territory: Aldeia de Carapicuíba - So many looks. Sensos-E, 7(1), 74-89. https://doi.org/10.34630/sensos-e.v7i1.3674