Art and integral human formation: challenges in Brazilian education


  • Denise Stefanoni Combinato Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica, Departamento de Humanidades
  • Ionice Gonçalves Vieira
  • Josiane Maria Medeiros Augusto
  • Thais Cristina Silva de Oliveira



Art, Literature, Audiovisual, Research-action, Teaching-learning


Based on the historical-critical Pedagogy and on the cultural-historical Psychology, a research is developed in a Full-Time State School in the state of São Paulo/Brazil, with the participation of Art, Geography, History and Portuguese Language teachers and the students of the high school. The objective is to investigate if there are and which are the impacts of the literary art articulation with the audiovisual in the teaching-learning process. Activities of teacher training, planning, execution and evaluation are developed, seeking an interdisciplinary dialogue and an articulation between the literary art and the audiovisual. The results obtained until this moment indicate that the insertion of art in the teacher training and the interdisciplinary articulation of the literary art with the audiovisual in the teaching-learning process promote not only the highest approximation of the involved subjects with the literature and the audiovisual, but mostly promote an expansion of the reading, interpretative, imaginative, critical and sensitive capacities of the students and the opportunity for the teachers to develop new learnings and meanings related to the teaching activity. However, this kind of formation could come to an end in Brazil.



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Stefanoni Combinato, D., Gonçalves Vieira, I., Medeiros Augusto, J. M., & Silva de Oliveira, T. C. (2020). Art and integral human formation: challenges in Brazilian education. Sensos-E, 7(1), 67-73.