Glory! Glory! What’s in a story?


  • Marta Fortunato Colégio Anjos do Saber



histórias, aprendizagem significativa, motivação, ensino de inglês no 1º CEB, estudo de caso


Stories are part of the children's imagination, and the whole entanglement of children's narratives is familiar. The enchantment of the formula "Once upon a time" ("Ellen & Brewster", 2002). As English teachers, we can not ignore the potential of authentic and meaningful resources in the context of English teaching in the 1st Cycle, as well as the various levels of responses that can be derived from their use in the classroom (Mourão, 2015) . With this article, we propose to present an application of stories in the context of the classroom as a tool that promotes dynamic learning, aiming at the student's involvement and participation. In this sense, we carried out a case study in a class of the 4th year. Recurrent to direct observation and a self-assessment, with the objective of knowing the impact of teaching learning in English learning, proving to be an effective motivation strategy for students.

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