Application of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the Recruitment Process


  • Mariana Santos ISCAP, Polytechnic of Porto
  • Andreia Carneiro
  • Tiago Correia
  • Daniel Costa
  • Pedro Ferreira University Portucalense and CEOS.PP, ISCAP, Polytechnic of Porto
  • Clara Figueiredo ISCAP, Polytechnic of Porto
  • Liliana Lopes ISCAP, Polytechnic of Porto
  • António Marques School of Health, Polytechnic of Porto
  • Viviana Meirinhos CEOS.PP, ISCAP, Polytechnic of Porto
  • Ana Cláudia Rodrigues CEOS.PP, ISCAP, Polytechnic of Porto
  • Daniela Seixas ISCAP, Polytechnic of Porto
  • Mariana Silva ISCAP, Polytechnic of Porto
  • Manuela Torres ISCAP, Polytechnic of Porto
  • Maria Valente ISCAP, Polytechnic of Porto



Human Resources Management;, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Recruitment Process


Technology has been shaping change in society, and work environment. Human resources management (HRM) has also affected and is also influenced by the digitalisation process.
Virtual and augmented reality technologies are on the rise and used in many sectors (Thoondee & Oikonomou, 2017), as well as in HRM (e.g. Pan, Cheok, Yang, Zhu & Shi, 2006; Stanković & Savković, 2013).
Virtual Reality (VR) recreates the sense of reality for an individual as if the person were physically present in a given environment (Hutchison, 2018). Augmented reality (AR) is a technology which overlays virtual objects (augmented components) into the real world, which seem to exist in the same room as objects from the real world (Akçayır & Akçayır, 2017).
Given the war for talent, finding and engaging the people the organisation needs (Armstrong, 2014: 226), the recruitment process, has a crucial role in the competitiveness of the organisations.
This paper presents a review of what has already been studied about VR and AR, as well as the potential of these technologies in the recruitment process.




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Santos, M., Carneiro, A., Correia, T., Costa, D., Ferreira, P., Figueiredo, C., Lopes, L., Marques, A., Meirinhos, V., Rodrigues, A. C., Seixas, D., Silva, M., Torres, M., & Valente, M. (2019). Application of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the Recruitment Process. Conferência - Investigação E Intervenção Em Recursos Humanos, (9).