Servant leadership through arts – a state of the art


  • Ana Barroca Advancis
  • Catarina Neto Advancis
  • Ana Silveira Advancis



Servant leadership, artful based learning, education


The future leaders are growing - socially, politically and economically - in the digital era and through a profound social, financial and economic crisis. These future leaders demand for purpose, meaning and connection and they will be working in organizations also shaped by the globalization of knowledge, markets and customers and the information and communication technology.
The Artful Leadership project aims at developing the new generation of servant leaders through arts. To do so, the Erasmus + Programme co-funded the Artful Leadership consortium to research and develop new learning resources that can empower a leadership shift combining the Servant Leadership competences with arts-based learning.
The research phase allowed the project consortium to explore the main drivers changing society, business and learning and to ask which model of leadership will be more suitable to live and be successful today and in the future; as well as, which tools could be more effective to reach and engage future leaders through a learning journey and disrupting with the onetime training event. The approach to servant leadership was subsequent and allowed to understand the background, its main characteristics and what the impact when experienced in different organisations is. Finally, arts based learning concept, characteristics and good practices were explored focusing on the impact it brings when applied into management and leadership educational programs.




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Barroca, A., Neto, C., & Silveira, A. (2018). Servant leadership through arts – a state of the art. Conferência - Investigação E Intervenção Em Recursos Humanos, (7).