Para além da auto-gestão: quando os líderes geram auto-líderes


  • Pedro Marques Quinteiro ISCTE/IUL
  • Luís Alberto Curral Faculdade de Psicologia/UL
  • Ana Margarida Passos ISCTE/IUL



The ending of the 20th century has seen the growth of Self-management theory, latter on followed by the advent of Self-leadership Theory (Manz, 1986). Modestly developed over the past twenty years, Self-leadership has now begun to receive a more deserved attention as it is understood as an adaptive competence that influences individual and collective though and action (Neck & Manz, 2010). Being well known as a predictor of individual and team effectiveness, creativity, innovation, motivation and organizational change adaptation (Neck & Houghton, 2006; Curral & Marques-Quinteiro), the relationship between self-leadership and leadership dynamics is yet to be clearly understood. This paper aims to give a theoretical contribution to both Self-leadership and Leadership literatures, through the proposal of a theoretical explanation of the relation between both constructs, one that goes beyond what has been said till now on this topic.



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Quinteiro, P. M., Curral, L. A., & Passos, A. M. (2014). Para além da auto-gestão: quando os líderes geram auto-líderes. Conferência - Investigação E Intervenção Em Recursos Humanos, (2).