About the Journal

The Revista de Ciências Empresariais e Jurídicas / Journal of Business and Legal Sciences was founded in 2004 and is part of the Centro de Estudos Organizacionais e Sociais  do Politécnico do Porto / Centre for Organisational and Social Studies of P.Porto, CEOS.PP.

The Journal is a publication with an inter and multidisciplinary innovation approach converging on digital as a response to current problems of the individual, organisations and society, open to contributions from various areas.

Through its Editorial Board composed by national and international recognized experts from the mentioned areas, the journal is guided strict by quality criteria.

The articles, original and unpublished (or with reference of previous place and manner of publication), must be submitted to Editor-in-chief’s e-mail (sandrina@iscap.ipp.pt / cajvidal@iscap.ipp.pt / rcej@iscap.ipp.pt) or  through this platform, in editable format.

All articles will be submitted to a process of acceptance and blind peer review. By submitting the articles, the author allows the publication of the text, whether in printed or digital form (through the open-access platform). The content of the articles published in the Journal are the entirely responsibility of the authors.

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