Personal Branding on Social Media: The Role of Influencers


  • Liliana Vasconcelos ISCAP-P.PORTO
  • Orlando Lima Rua CEI-ISCAP-P.PORTO



personal branding, social media, instagram influencers


This research paper aims to establish a connection between the concept of Personal Branding and Social Media, understanding how in the 21st-century people do their personal branding through Social Media, taking into account the role of Digital Influencers on Instagram. It is to be expected that these individuals, given their social status, make good personal branding. The methodology approach used was a qualitative one, developed through an interview with 25 questions and counting with 10 responses, half woman, and half male. The interviewees were Portuguese Instagram Influencers. Some conclusions that were possible to draw were that becoming an Influencer is something well thought, people do intentional personal branding, they often plan their content, consider the impact of their actions on others, the number of followers is important when addresses to job opportunities. In the perspective on how Influencers build that online presence, the main factors mentioned are consistency, authenticity/genuineness, and interaction with the audience.

Biografias Autor

Liliana Vasconcelos, ISCAP-P.PORTO

Licenciada em Criatividade e Inovação Empresarial, Politécnico do Porto/ISCAP

Orlando Lima Rua, CEI-ISCAP-P.PORTO

Professor Adjunto de Gestão, Politécnico do Porto/ISCAP/Centro de Estudos Interculturais




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Vasconcelos, L. ., & Rua, O. L. . (2021). Personal Branding on Social Media: The Role of Influencers. E- Revista De Estudos Interculturais, 3(9, Vol. 3).



10ª Conferência Ibérica de Empreendedorismo, CIE