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Citotech Online – Case Review is an annual publication in the area of the cytological diagnosis. Citotech Online has as goal the promotion of knowledge in the field of cytopathology, enabling its diffusion among Health students and Health professionals.
To achieve its goal, this periodical journal intends to divulge the revision of cases establishing a relationship between cytopathology and clinical practice. The presentation of such cases, resembling the ones exposed in the course of the Cytology Reunions of ESS.P.Porto, enhances the knowledge and efficiency of the screening practice and the cytological diagnosis. In addition to that, this journal aims to develop a place for education and formation. 
The criteria for acceptance of articles for publication are pertinence, quality and the originality of the gynaecological and non-gynaecological cytology cases. The acceptance implies innovating ideas and concepts and/or the presentation of relevant information with direct application to the cytopathologic diagnosis, with emphasis on the cases which diagnosis is still debatable. Citotech Online is a peer-reviewed journal, with a team of cytotechnicians and pathologists with a large experience in the cytological field, considering for publication manuscripts from any country. 
Publishing in this journal is free from charges, both for the authors and the institution which submits the paper. 
Citotech Online – Case Review is officially registered on ERC (Regulatory Entity for Social Media), and follows the principle of open access. All the articles are published and available in full form, for free and permanently at this website. 

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