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Bobcatsss 2021: Digital Transformation
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Information and communication technologies have a great impact on society, namely with regard to the immediacy of access to information, the constant increase in the available information volume, the automation of services, the dematerialization of processes, the alteration of supports and formats, the attention to the client and changes in the behavior of individuals. These impacts are also felt in the way people interact with information, in professional, academic, personal and playful terms.

Soon half of consumers will be digital natives and this will force the digital transformation in organizations, creating new opportunities for change, including in organizational, cultural and legal standards.
Digital transformation as an effect of a process marked by the influence of ICT in society will influence changes in business models and in the way it develops, with ICT and, inseparably, information, having a leading role in any organization.
According to Rogers (2016) and Herbert (2017), it is possible to identify five domains where the digital transformation takes place and which are based on the transversal use of ICT:

1. Customers, who interact dynamically with organizations
2. Competition, which presupposes a differentiation of organizations vis-à-vis the consumer / final customer
3. Information, which due to its essential nature for the business, whether structured or not, will require an increasingly strict management
4. Innovation, focusing on the development of new ideas
5. Value, which becomes volatile in the face of market demand

Information professionals face challenges that can be characterized by the transfer and sharing of knowledge, their safeguarding, the selection and filtering of information, the management of information and resources, access through the use of national and international networks and the structuring information service appropriate to the organization.

It will therefore be necessary for information professionals to be active elements in the digital transformation of organizations, as true informational mediators which is why the theme of the BOBCATSSS 2021 virtual conference is “Digital Transformation.”

Published: 2023-02:-09


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    Ana Lúcia Terra, Milena Carvalho, Tania Todorova, María Carmen Rodríguez López



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