Teaching Strategies in the Preschool System of Montenegro

  • Veselin Mićanović
  • Tatjana Novovic University of Montenegro
Keywords: Kindergarten; Child; Educator; Active Learning


Preschool education in Montenegro is undergoing a process of significant change, especially in the last two decades. The seriousness of this educational segment within the whole educational continuum corresponded with equally serious education policy solutions. The way of working with children of preschool age largely affects their development, level of autonomy and motivation for achieving educational goals through active learning and participation. When it comes to Montenegrin education system, this particular educational segment is becoming even more visible with the intention of faster, more comprehensive and effective development in perspective. Therefore, active learning through the process of a full children's participation and voluntary choice, is the basis of the leading preschool education paradigm in the contemporary educational context.

The aim of this is to establish the dominant form of child centered learning in kindergarten, on a sample of 475 children surveyed in direct work in various educational groups. The research results indicate that Montenegrin kindergartens foster different models of learning and encouraging children's initiatives, with the participatory approach dominating the work of a child.

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