Brief reflections on "Playing with Narrative" - expressive and playful writing in the development of compositional competence and in the stimulation of imagination and creativity: Contributions of the Integrated Curricular Project

  • Bruna Cunha Universidade do Minho - Instituto de Educação
  • Carlos Silva Universidade do Minho - Instituto de Educação


The present work arises from an observation of which it was noticed in the scarcity of activities of textual production, at the level of the narrative, in a class of the 3rd year of the 1st Cycle of Basic Education. The difficulty of the children in compositional competence was perceptible, since they presented difficulties of linguistic cohesion and logical coherence, conceiving a narrative something incoherent and without an apparent structuration, which distanced itself from the identification of the three moments of the action: introduction, development and completion. The various texts still presented an appreciable portion of orthographic errors and a blockage of creative and imaginative competence.

In the course of the project, we tried to prospect different activities and strategies of teaching and learning that promote a diversification of children's playful interaction with writing, leading to the development of compositional competence associated with the stimulation of creativity and imagination before a creative writing, which integrated different mediators in order to be instigated.

Given the evidences and results obtained, it is possible to affirm that the investigative project contributed to the construction of a positive attitude of the children before the writing, reflected in the support of the development of the compositive competence with the evolution of the creative and imaginative thought.

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