Parcerias entre família, escola e comunidade no ensino de inglês no 1º Ciclo do Ensino Básico, no decurso da educação para o século XXI

  • Luísa Jesus Agrupamento de Escolas de Escariz


The family and school, integrating the community, represent two of the most important socializing agents for children and adolescents, and should interact in a healthy and positive way for their development, in order to provide an environment conducive to learning English in the 1st Cycle of the Basic Education (CEB). According to the Ministry of Education, it is important to promote contact and cooperation between the family and school institutions, as these two systems contribute to the education of each child, and a close two (ME, 1997, p. 43).

two (ME, 1997, p. 43).
The study presented was carried out in the context of Supervised Educational Practice and had the objective of defining, planning and implementing strategies to improve family, school and community partnerships. Using the qualitative methodology, we tried to verify, among other aspects, the expectations of teachers, parents and students, regarding the introduction of English in the curriculum of the 1st CEB. This study intends to meet one of the challenges facing education in the 21st century, fostering partnerships between Family, School and Community.

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