The IRI Journal: Images of the Imagined Real appeared in 2015 publishing articles by PhD students from the ESMAE/IPP Image and Arts Department but is currently presented as a Scientific Journal of annual publication, under the responsibility of UniMAD, the Research Unit of School of Media Arts and Design of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto. It helds a Scientific Council with recognized merit researchers and personalities, in areas such as Visual Culture, Cinema, Photography, Design, Architecture, Multimedia Production, Informatics and Aesthetics, among others. 
The Journal welcomes selected articles for double blind peer review, from diverse areas connected with the production and reception of the image in its multiple optical, graphic and typographic aspects, and intends to discuss questions of reading, utilization, appropriation and production of images, in its isogrammatic, ideogrammatic and diagrammatic dimensions and in the synergetic relation with texts of several other semiotic systems.
Fighting for a rigorous critical production and for the presentation of contemporary research, it integrates works of scientific, critical and artistic dimension, paying attention to the space that the image has gained in the contemporary societies and to its influence in the construction of the homo videns thought and actin, while immersed in a real or virtual world, surrounded by multiple technological tools that build and give back multiple images of the same world.


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